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Starling Camp 2019

Between April and June we will run our yearly intensive research campaign in our starling colony, 50 kms from Madrid. Around 250 nest boxes are almost daily followed through the two sequential broods that these birds rear in our area. Field work includes capturing adult birds for measuring and sampling, follow-up of reproduction (egg laying, hatching and fledging), ringing nestlings, setting-up of microchip readers to assess parental care..., as well as other activities related to the specific experiments running in each year.

The field site is a pleasant and undisturbed woodland, an hour from Madrid. Several researchers, PhDs and master students take part in the field work, but to be able to run it properly, we count with the help of a few volunteers every year. We provide free accommodation for volunteers in a nearby field station, transport to and from the field site, and a fantastic team-work atmosphere. We are happy to consider volunteers for any periods of time starting from a minimum of 2 months.

Please contact us asap ( if interested in taking part in this campaign (preferably before the end of February), attaching your CV and a short personal statement of your interests, together with the emails of two academic or professional references that could support your application.