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We met Chris Feare!
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We met Chris Feare!

Several weeks ago we had the oportunity to meet Chris Feare, the author of the classic monography “The Starling” (Oxford University Press), that first compiled the basic biology of the sister species of our good friend, the spotless starling. It was a pleasure to walk along the streets of Antequera and doing some birdwatching at Fuente de Piedra, while speaking about mynas, sooty terns and, of course, starlings.

We hope we can meet soon again, either hosting your visit at Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales (MNCN-CSIC), in Antequera or –much better- at your fieldwork site in Seychelles!  ;)



  • Diego's copy of the classic monography "The Starling"
  • Chris Feare signing Diego´s copy of "The Starling"
  • Chris Feare and Loren during our visit to Fuente de Piedra
  • Chatting about starlings, mynas and terns while climbing the streets of Antequera