• Opportunities

    As in most research groups, the composition of our group changes every year with new people that arrive, and people that leave after finishing their research theses. Below we list funding opportunities when available, or research profiles that we are expecting to fill in the future by means of external funding.

  • Volunteers

    We are happy to consider volunteers in some of our research projects. Our studies are often very demanding in time and effort, and volunteers are extremely helpful to us. Volunteering in our projects help students acquire experience in ecological and behavioural work, and get a taste of what a field-based ornithological PhD is like.

    Starling Camp 2019

  • Master theses

    Every year we supervise several master theses within our research subjects.

    Song bird ecology in a noisy environment

  • PhD students

    A large part of our group is formed by PhD students, funded either through project research grants (Spanish FPI program), personal grants (FPU or JAE) or through international exchange programs.

    Open call for PhD students