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Sounds (3)

  • Sicalis flaveola.

    Place: Curitiba (Brazil) Date: 07/09/2012

    The name of saffron finch refers to the striking, golden looks of this small bird. Its high-pitched song is easily distinguishable despite the loud noise of lorries passing near the Curitiba Botanic Gardens, where this bird was recorded.

  • Pitangus sulphuratus.

    Place: Curitiba (Brazil) Date: 06/09/2012

    The Great Kiskadee is one of the suboscines with a wider geographic distribution. Its intensive, repetitive, almost insolent song is part of the acoustic landscape of many American cities. This is a recording from Curitiba (Brazil).

  • Troglodytes aedon.

    Place: Curitiba (Brazil) Date: 14/11/1978

    The house wren is a very common garden bird throughout Southamerica. In the background there is a loud Rufous Hornero (Furnarius rufus), also typical of urban sites.